Yvaine Final repaint

This is the final repaint on the Yvaine staue that DC will be releasing this summer. For those of you that might be interested, my entire design and sculptural process is just one post below. The base and ‘pool’ that you see here only serve as place and shape holders and will be eventually replaced by much more aesthetically pleasing materials in China where it will be manufactured. The entire piece measures approximately 12 x 12 x 11″. “Conversations with the Moon” as I’ve title it can be ordered right now, in the currently in-a-comic-book-shop-near-you Diamond Previews catalog. Go on, you know you want this on a shelf in your home.yvaine-final-1-blog.jpg


It seems that last fall and continuing throughout this year that a lot of my energies have been directed towards sculpture. Dark Horse is producing another piece of mine that I’ll be happy to show you when its a bit further along. And the 16 foot bronze sculpture based on ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ is  comming right along (I’ll be posting about that one very soon).  Its very exciting, to say the least, exploring these new artistic avenues.


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  1. segundus says:

    Charles, do you have any pricing estimates for these at this stage? Also, what’s the distribution going to be like? Is it likely that I would be able find them fairly easily over here in the UK?

    Segundus, FoEM

  2. segundus says:

    Of course, I just remembered “old faithful”. Should have checked before posting, d’oh!


  3. dryadgirl says:

    Oh, it’s so beautiful! Stardust is my favourite ‘modern’ book (i.e. not written by someone dead) and I love Yvaine. Will we be able to order this online in the States as well?

  4. Quixotic says:

    Pre-ordered mine from Forbidden Planet a couple of days ago!!

    Looks gorgeous, can’t wait.

  5. Charles Vess says:

    Hey all,

    I just tried out a google search for on-line sites to order from (many with steep discounts) by typing in ‘Stardust statue Charles Vess’ and came up with more than several to choose from. The next cycle of Diamond Previews orders will start next week so get a move on!

    I really had a ball producing this and can’t wait to have one sitting right beside my drawing desk.


  6. patjamshe says:

    Hi there,

    I’m a junior illustration major at MassArt and one of our first assignments for this semester was to find artists that we admire and send them some questions, so I figured I’d take advantage of your blog.
    My first question is related to your sculpture of Yvaine, which is would you ever consider doing a whole book in 3-D? Secondly, I was wondering who are some of the artists that inspire you. Some of your work, especially in Stardust, reminded me of John Bauer, who I also really love. And lastly, when you’re working on a project that’s as big as Stardust with almost 200 illustrations, what do you think is the best way to keep motivated?


  7. Scott Conner says:

    Very nice! :)

  8. lucytoon says:

    this really came out great!

  9. Here is one stateside retailer offering the Stardust statue:
    Retail price:$195.00/advance order price: $129.34. Expected July, 2007. Also, don’t neglect eBay as a possibility. Incidentally, I took classes at Mass Art. I was amazed by the ignorance of most the students when it came to comics and fantasy illustration, outside of H.R. Giger; in four years I couldn’t find anyone who had heard of Frank Frazetta or even Arthur Rackham. As for the faculty, they were still catching up with Andrew Wyeth. I found the illustration majors an open-minded and hard-working bunch, however.

  10. [...] on the blog of top comics artist Charles Vess are some photographs of the final painted version of the Yvaine statue he is designing for DC, [...]

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