Modern Masters Vol. #11

I just got word from the fine folks at Two Morrows publications that their Modern Masters, Vol. #11 which features an extensive interview covering my entire career (at least so far) and packed to the ceiling with art (including a color gallery section) will be available at fine comic shops everywhere by the end of this month.

Here’s the cover:

The 120 page trade paperback concentrates on my work in the comics field. My work for Heavy Metal, Epic Illustrated, The Warriors Three, Spider-man, Sandman, Swamp Thing and The Books of Magic are all featured as well as a bit on both the book and the movie versions of Stardust.

And here’s a link to an excerpt from that interview and a few images (as well as some viewers comments) on the Newsarama web magazine:

My other big news is that later this year (August), Dark Horse Books will be publishing, ‘Drawing Down the Moon, The Art of Charles Vess’ a 200 page, harcover book focusing on my careeer in illustration. For the past month I’ve been busy assembling over 200 images that run the gamut from work done in High School up until last week. Lots and lots of paintings and pen and ink illustrations, all pulled from the many and disperse publications that I’ve worked for over years, so there’s sure to be more than several images that you’ve never seen before.

A drawing from 1974:

From 1988, an illustration from the edition of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ that I illustrated for the Donning Company. This book is what Neil saw and was inspired by to write issue #19 of The Sandman:


And lastly, the cover art done just a couple of years ago for a local art’s organization’s magazine:

Between these two books my 30 year career as a freelance illustrator will, I think, be pretty well covered.

I hope that you’ll enjoy both of them!


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  1. dryadgirl says:

    I can’t wait to get my hands on the book! Your work so reminds of Rackham’s. You’re a living and breathing Victorian Faerie painter. I wish, when the Frick had their exhibition on Victorian Faerie Painters, they had included your work. Though you certainly did not live then, your work has the same spirit and beauty.

  2. Scott Conner says:

    Do I still have dibs on the first copy? :p

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