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After several very long weeks at the studio I’ve completed 28 b/w drawings for the “Coyote Road” anthology that will be released in June from Viking. This is the third in a series of short story collections that feature mythic themes, each of which are edited by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling. The first two, ‘The Green Man’ and ‘The Faery Reel’ won numerous awards both as a collection and as individual stories and I expect that this one will too. Several months ago I posted the cover art for this book, so now here are a few of the interior illustrations.

First, the title page art:


Then several of the interior pieces:


From ‘God Clown’ by Carol Emshwiller

From ‘The Dreaming Wind’ by Jeffrey Ford.


From ‘The Evolution of Trickster Stories Among the Dogs of North Park After the Change’ by Kij Johnson.


From ‘The Senorita and the Cactus Thorn’ by Kim Antieau.


From ‘The Constable of Abal’ by Kelly Link.


From ‘The Other Labrynth’ by Jedediah Berry.

The stories are set in varied cultures and time periods and so quite a bit of reference and research had to be applied to each image. The authors, Charles de Lint, Ellen Klages, Delia Sherman, Holly Black, Patricia McKillip amongst many others, all offered their best as I hope I did too in my art.

It took a long time to slot this into my work schedule and for that I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to Nancy Brennan (art director) and Sharyn November (overseeing editor).


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  1. tlchang says:

    Charles! Thanks so much for sharing these. I’ve loved the other two books in this series, and love the visual format – there aren’t enough out there with chapter header illustrations.

  2. eegatland says:

    Hello–it’s Elizabeth Wein here. I’ve been having trouble responding to your email regarding your offer to Coyote Road authors to purchase the artwork corresponding to our stories, and I just wanted to let you know YES PLEASE! I am *honored*, not just by the offer, but just by the fact that you’ve illustrated a story I wrote. It always stuns me a little
    when my stories are illustrated–I’m never quite prepared for the fact that someone else has actually read and understood my own personal and interior creation–it feels, just a little, as though someone has read my thoughts. And the best pictures are always of scenes that I haven’t *quite* imagined
    myself, but which are obviously deeply connected to the story. Thank you! (And to think that 15 years ago I was just another “Books of Magic” fangirl.)

    Do you accept any forms of electronic payment (credit card, paypal)? I do have a US bank account but I don’t keep much in it–most of my income is here in the UK.

    Sorry to spam your blog with this request–feel free to delete. I’ve tried to send a copy of my original message from another account of mine, but I’m not sure that will work either. At any rate rest assured I *do* want to buy the art connected to my story!

    Yours obligingly, and in abject admiration,

    E Wein

  3. lucytoon says:

    way to go charles!!!!!



  4. Scott Conner says:

    Very nice work, Charles! It’s a shame we have to wait to June to get it in book form. ;-)

  5. dwinship says:

    March 26 is the birthday of Joseph Campbell. Happy Birthday to all who have been influenced by his life and insight. Here in the southern mountains, the pear trees are blooming like lit candles on earth’s cake and the wind blows the blossoms and they swirl like smoke.

    take care and carry on,

    david winship

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