Stardust the movie

I thought that I should let everyone know that the first, official trailer for the Stardust movie went live on Yahoo.Com this weekend.


Here’s the link:

I don’t know about you but I want to see all of it as soon as possible. I’m very excited!

Also, the website for the movie is now up and running with lots of pretty pictures. Over the next few months be sure to check back as there will be lots more content uploaded.

I will be a guest (along with Charles de Lint) at MiniCon in Minneapolis over the weekend of April 6-8 where I will be, among other events, displaying some of my new Stardust art as well as presenting a panel on the movie (w/ the trailer, lots and lots of stills and whatever else Paramount sees fit to send me). I hope that I see you there.


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  1. lucytoon says:

    i’m very excited about stardust! it’s looking wonderful!

    see you when you come to NY next! :-)


  2. segundus says:


    Any ideas as to what might be happening with the world première of Stardust? Is it likely to be happening in the US or UK? If it’s in the UK, would be able to make it over for it?


  3. Charles Vess says:

    Hello Martyn and Lucy,

    I believe that the world premier wil be in the US, sometime at the end of July, but I could be wrong. Contractualy, Karen and I will be flown to the premiere of our choice and we would both much rather be wandering about London than LA so we’ll just have to see… However we just might be in the UK in the next few weeks as we’ve been invited to sit in on the music recording sessions for the film. These will be held at the Abbey Road Studios and since Karen is a LONG time Beatles fan, being there in particular would be a double treat. Our trip is a bit up in the air at the moment though as we try to track down affordable flights.

    Martyn, I’ll offer a public apology right here for not answering the set of questions given me concerning my illustrations for Susanna Clarke’s ‘The Ladies of Grace Adieu’. My best intensions were overthrown in a flurry of activity both professional and on a more personal front. Great interview with Jane Goldman (the co-screen writer of Stardust) over on your FOEM site by the way!


  4. lucytoon says:

    omg i wanna go! can i come with?!?!
    that’s gonna be soooo much fun to attend. i wonder if it will be an entire orchestra? i’m guessing it is!! weeeee!! enjoy! and take LOTSA pictures. including one of karen crossing that abbey road ;-)


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