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So, after what has seemed like endless delays, I’m now holding in my hands an advance copy of the very lovely new hardcover edition of Stardust from Vertigo. My color choices for the new binding and the cover art seems to have worked out very well and the additional 50 pages of material really gives much needed visual breathing room room for all the (and I do mean ALL!) the existing art related to Stardust. The book should be out in stores and comic book shops by next week.

I also just received my comp copies of ‘The Stardust Visual Companion’ from Titan Books. It seems that there will be, besides the standard trade paperback available everywhere, a hardcover edition issued only in the UK and as a sort of in-house gift book from Paramount. The book is huge, filled as it is with loads of concept art, behind the scenes photos, lots of commentary from Matthew Vaughan, Jane Goldman the cast and crew as well as Neil and myself, the entire shooting script and a special introduction by Neil all lovingly assembled by editor Stephen Jones. All around it is a sumpteous volume deserving to be in your very own library.



PS: I promise to post the costume pictures from my Stardust exhibition opening as soon as possible!

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  1. stardustgirl says:

    Uh-oh… the idea you might get those photos up before I got the Stardust book pages updated spurred me into action. :-D

    I still need to update the other pages with the new Stardust prints, statues and whatnot. I think I’ll give the movie things (like the Visual Companion) their own page because the book page is getting loooooong.

  2. Carl V. says:

    Both look wonderful. I had a chance to look through the visual companion this week and it is great. Can’t wait to pick up my copy (and then put it out of reach until AFTER the film). I have pre-ordered the new Stardust Illustrated HC and cannot wait to have it in my hands. Thank you for all the hard work you put into this new volume, it is, and will be, much appreciated.

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