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Come on down for a very fun evening next Friday, when I will be signing books at the Barnes & Nobles store in Johnson City Tn. during the extended Harry Potter costume party which will, of course, preceed the midnight release of J. K. Rowlings’ “Deathly Hallows”. There should be a high incidence of clamor and chatter amongst young and old, veterans and newcomers and I look forward to the event. All this week I’ll have about 20 framed prints of my art on display. They’ve ordered lots of the new “Stardust” (both hardcover and soft) as well as many, many of my other books for your signing pleasure. Come on down!

Friday, July 20, 7-11 pm
Barnes & Nobles
3030 Franklin Terrace Drive
Johnson City TN
423-952-5577, 7-11 pm.

On the following Monday I’m off to the San Diego Comic-Con where my Green Man Press will have a two booth (#4821) set up almost directly under the big ‘Fantasy Illustrators’ sign. Its always almost impossibly hectic at this event but still somehow enjoyable AND you never know who will drop by your table. Several years ago Mr. Ray Bradbury himself attempted to purchase a copy of my ‘Circle of Cats’ book. It quickly became a gift to a writer whose work I will always treasure deeply. What a thrill!


With the movie adaptation about to be released (August 10) this year will have a heavy emphasis on all things Stardust. An advance screening of the film will be held on the Thursday night (with, among other delights, a very interesting goodie bag for 50 lucky supporters of the CBDLF) and my booth will be burgeoning with all manner of original art, books, prints and sculptures. I look forward to meeting you there.

I’ll be at my booth every day (except possibly Sunday, see below) signing, chatting, showing off my brand new Blueberry Girl art and generally trying to make things a little more pleasant amidst the crush of people: Wednesday 6 – 9 pm and Thursday through Saturday 11 am to 6pm.

The World Premiere of the film is on that Sunday evening (July 30) in LA so Karen and I will be heading out early to make the trek up the coast. Karen keeps mentioning that I need to somehow find the time to get fitted out in a tux… I have no idea what I might say to the bright and glittering crowd that’s sure to be in attendance but it will is sure to be a hoot never the less.
Upon my return to south western Virginia there will be an advance screening of Stardust on Thursday (August 2) at our local Abingdon Cinemall. Four screenings in four small theatres. This event is being sponsored by Appalachian Sustainable Development, the Washington County Library and the studio program at the William King Regional Art Center as well as Paramount and Steve Weston who owns the theatre. Thanks guys!! I’ll be talking before and after each showing. It should be fun and there might still be some tickets available…


This is just a rough mock up of the ticket so the correct phone number to call if you’re interested is: 276 492 2010.

Also I’ve just added another local signing. This time at Abingdpn’s own coffee house and bookstore, Zazzy’Z.

Saturday, Aug. 11, 1-3 pm
Zazzy’Z Bookstore & Coffeehouse
380 E. Main Street
Abingdon VA 24210

276 698 3333

That will be the day after the films general release so I’m sure to be exhausted but come on down and sit a spell…


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  1. danguyf says:

    Sounds like a busy month ahead indeed!

    I’m very much looking forward to coming down to Abingdon for a screening and to check out the gallery installation. (Not the mention the delightful company of stardustgirl and squeaks!)

  2. stardustgirl says:

    I’m looking forward to it as well ( but you knew that!) Squeaks has an official itinerary now, and I know other Thingies are thinking about it…

    whee! :-)

  3. leewsftv says:

    Looking forward to seeing you at ComicCon next week.

    Will you have copies of the new edition of Stardust at your booth? If so, any likelyhood you might have them signed by Neil? Debating on whether to order one quickly from Dreamhaven since Neil’s signing availability is limited at ComicCon.

    Re: The ComicCon screening and CBLDF goodie bag, is that something the CBLDF will be doing a raffle or selling tickets for at their booth? They don’t mention it on their web site yet (although their welcome reception is also Thursday night).


    Lee Whiteside

  4. Charles Vess says:

    I will indeed have copies of the re-issued hardcover Stardust at my booth, along with the UK edition of Susanna Clarke’s The Ladies of Grace Adieu’, ‘Coyote Road, Trickster Tales (hot off the presses), hardcover copies of The Book of Ballads, Modern Masters Vol 11: Charles Vess (a very nice retrospective of my work in the comics field), and several copies of loooong out of print books like ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ and Little Red Ridinghood’. Also prints, statues, note cards and tons of original art.

    AND, for the first time I will have my own credit card machine to use so there’s no excuse NOT to spend lots and lots…

    I expect that the Stardust Comic-Con screening tickets will only be available at the CBDLF booth.

    See you there,

  5. Bobby says:

    Hey, that Barnes & Noble thing looks pretty fun. I was over there last week before your art was displayed. I’m looking forward to seeing some original pieces there amidst the Potter madness. Just from seeing that picture you posted it looks like you work on a larger scale than I had imagined; I’m just finishing reading Stardust; beautiful work! It almost makes me dread the movie since Gaiman’s story has already been so vibrantly visually realized by your paintings…

  6. Charles Vess says:


    Well, I’ve chosen to only display high-quality digital prints of my work as I was very unsure of of the security involved at the store. You can, however, see a lot of my originals during the run (through September) of the Stardust exhibition at the William King Regional Art Center in Abingdon VA, about an hour away from Johnson City. I am going to bring the large original pictured in the first shot of this post to display during the actual signing event itself.

    If you scroll through some of these posts you can read my very positive comments on the movie. I seem to have liked the adaptation as much as Neil did. No one paid us to ‘make nice’ if we both hadn’t have liked the finished product you would have been reading very polite comments but ones easily seen through. The movie is NOT a scene for scene recreation of the book but a viable, highly entertaining film that made me, for one, very delighted. Indeed, almost every review I’ve read has been very positive. So I hope that you’ll enjoy it when you see it.


  7. Bobby says:

    Thanks Charles,

    Probably a very wise idea about displaying digital reproductions at BN, as it will probably be mass chaos over there, which is a good thing really, but I agree not worth the risk. I still look forward to seeing them though, so I’ll stop by and say hi, and have my copy signed of course. :)

    That’s great that you guys feel so positive about the movie; we all know of countless bad adaptations and its good to hear that Stardust won’t be joining their ranks. I’ve actually noticed a really positive buzz a-brewing over the movie and definitely plan to go see it. I guess I’m just a bit thunderstruck at how good the book is as it is fresh on my mind.



  8. Scott Conner says:

    I definitely want to come down to see the premiere as well.
    Have fun at San Diego!

  9. Jinxy says:

    Hope San Diego is good for you this year.
    I can’t wait to see the premiere, I’m bringing my tarot cards.

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