UK Stardust premier, etc.

After a quick 5-day trip to Seattle, then a few short, quiet days at home, Karen and I headed over to London and the UK for a week full of old friends, art and surreal events, like the European premiere of Stardust. We’re finally back home but have no idea what time zone our bodies are still in. However, I did want you to know that the premiere was pretty outrageous compared to LA with the public very much a part of the premiere night. Lights were dancing out front of the Odeon in Leiceister Square and the carpet walkway was green! Flashbulbs popped from both sides of a long line of media on our right as well from a huge crowd of fans filling the square on the left. Mobs of people were screaming and holding out booklets from behind a fence for autographs (of the more famous people). Acting more like ‘deer caught in the proverbial headlights’ than invited guests, we were not at all prepared for such a boisterous and excited public. Neil did much better. Everyone inside was as bubbly as the champagne.



If you’d like to see more photos from the gala here’s the link:

We almost walked away without any photos of our resplendent selves but at the last minute our host in London, Jim Young, took a shot of us with his cellphone. So here we are with friends Terri Winding and Howard Gayton outside the theatre (sorry about the quality). With the magic of Photoshop I have inserted the UK version of the Stardust poster behind us. It uses a great tag line that I wish had been applied to the movie in the States: “A Fairy Tale That Won’t Behave.”


Later this week I’ll be heading up the road to Faerie-Con International in Philadelphia, PA.


Brian and Wendy Froud, who we just spent a delightful dinner with in their very special home in southwestern England, will be the GOH at the Festival. But Kinuko Y. Craft, John and Caitlin Matthews, Holly Black, Michael Hague and many more artists and writers will also be there so I expect there to be quite a few interesting conversations to say the least.

Come on down…

In the meantime, Karen wrote an article about me and “Stardust” for a slick regional magazine that is now posted on-line. This doesn’t have any of the wonderfully laid out art and photos they ran, perhaps you can order a hard copy if you’d like to see that. You can view the story at:


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  2. stardustgirl says:

    It sounds like the UK knows how to have a good time! And I agree about the tagline; it suits the film better.

    Good Photoshop work :-D

  3. patdzon says:


    Greetings from the Philippines! I would just like to say that this is the most ENJOYABLE movie I’ve seen in long while. It’s not like anything I’ve seen before. There were moments when I felt like I was a part of the adventure. It’s truly one heck of an experience. Thanks to you sir and Mr. Gaiman!!!

    I wanna fall in love now…:)


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