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Deadlines, deadlines. Charles certainly has ‘em. He’s at the drawing board now, so here is The Wife typing a post. The website has been down and there is a month of news to summarize and post, but that will have to wait another day (sorry).

TODAY is the release of the “Stardust” DVD so we wanted to let you know. It’s yet another wonderful gift item for friends and family! Some friends of ours are having a special Stardust Release Party for us, with food, drink and a state-of-the-art entertainment center – we are quite excited.

Also, if you are lucky enough to live in a town that has a Borders Bookstore, you can get an exclusive version that includes a booklet of Charles’ art with the DVD. Only at Borders, though. Otherwise any Target, Walmart, B&N, or movie store worth their salt should have it.


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  1. Scott Conner says:

    There’s not a Borders anywhere nearby *LOL*

  2. ligiafa says:

    Dear Charles and Karen,

    My name is LĂ­gia Azevedo and I work in Foreign Rights at Conrad Editora, the first Brazilian publisher of Stardust, among others. I would like to contact you on THE BOOK OF BALLADS. Could you please write me back? My e-mail is Thank you!

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