Watercolor art

In the comments section of the post below I was asked if I’d ever tried watercolor as a medium. As I explained, I had, but only once. Here is that piece:agiftfrom-the-spring.jpg

‘A Gift from the Spring’ was as it says a birthday gift to my friend, the writer, Delia Sherman. As it happens she just wrote about the piece on her live journal:


The painting and the short story writen for it are a part of a series  of art and story collaborations by some of my favorite authors that have and will be running, as each short story is completed, in Realms of Fantasy magazine over the next year or so. The  authors so far include Charles de Lint  (June 2007), Holly Black (October 2007), Delia Sherman (the current issue , April 2008), Elizabeth Hand, Jeffrey Ford and Neil Gaiman.



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  1. Very nice, the colour palette and composition gently lead the eye to the figure. I hope this painting gets a full page in your forthcoming art book.

  2. owlsnest40 says:

    Charles, when I scrolled down to the final [colored] version of “A Gift from the Spring” – it brought an involuntary smile to my face.
    Love, Dorothy
    Must comment on the fountain – no words to express my admiration! Do so wish George and I could be there.

  3. mac says:


    Just happened upon your webpage. I knew you at VCU. Still have a lithograph of yours you did in those long ago days. Glad to see you still doing great work.

    Mac@MacBooks.com http://www.maclanda.com

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