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      This fall I’ll be appearing at two conventions: FaerieCon (Oct. 10 – 12) in Philidelphia and IlluXCon (Nov. 6 – 9) in Altoona Pa.

This is the second year for FaerieCon and the guest list is looking pretty spectacular: Alan Lee (and his wonderfully talented daughter Virginia), Brian and Wendy Froud, Ari Berk, Linda Ravenscroft, Kinuko Y. Craft, Michael Hague, Jessica Galbreth, Ruth Sanderson, Holly Black, John And Caitlin Matthews and veritable horde of great fairy artists and writers that there’s no room to mention right now will be there exhibiting their art and talking on panels. Robert Gould, the empresario of all things Fae wrote me with this great news:

FaerieCon is offering the Charles Vess / Green Man Press Community a 25% DISCOUNT on any ticket to FaerieCon International October 10-12 at Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia. Don’t miss the chance to attend this amazing event, shop at the biggest collection of faerie themed products on the East Coast and meet Alan Lee, and all your favorite Faerie artists and authors.

Just visit our webstore now and use the following discount code on the final payment page to get 25% off on your passes! The code is:  fc2008cv


In November I’ll be back in Pennsylvania for a mammoth gathering of even more artists at the worlds first convention devoted to illustration. I will be presenting my lecture on Fantastic Art as well as participating on several panels as well as gabbing with more illustrators that I could imagine fitting into one room.

Here’s the link to this one:

I hope that I’ll see some of you who drop by this board at opne or the other of these two events!



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  1. Matt Dauer says:

    those sound wonderful and i wish i could attend…but i’m saving my 2-3 day trip plans to visit the statue unveiling, any news on a date for that?

  2. Charles Vess says:

    Hey Matt,

    We’re getting ready to put in the eleborate stainless steel support structure today and by next week, the bronze tree with its pool of water and cascading fountain should be installed also.

    We will be adding several significant sculpture elements to the tree in several weeks time and then…

    And if everything goes to plan (but so far nothing has done so) we will be putting the Titania figure into place within the next month.

    I’ll try to keep everyone informed, okay?


  3. Mark Rainbow says:

    Hello Charles,
    I live in the UK and so most conventions are unfortunately beyond my means, however I know you do occasionally visit these shores any plans ?
    Also could you possibly explain what happened to your retrospective ‘Drawing down the moon’ I have been patiently waiting for over a year for this glorious volume as it has kept being put back; but it has suddenly disappeared from the Dark Horse listings – not cancelled I hope?

  4. Kristina says:

    Woohoo! Donato won’t have a table at Faerie Con, but I may try to come up anyways. Thanks for the discount info!

    Also, I just got word that you may be joining a certain Master Class faculty…? *wink *wink. Oh, man are you in for a great week.

    Of course, now I have to really sell some artwork so I can make it again.

  5. Matt Dauer says:

    thanks for the update…i’d rather enjoy seeing abingdon in the fall so i think it might work out for the best!
    to mark, mr vess had answered a similiar question from another posting and he was not aware of much regarding drawning down the moon…dark horse hasn’t spoken to him much regarding it for some time.
    amazon continues to have it available for preorder with a 3-4 week out release date that gets pushed back every so often…pesonally, i think the longer it takes the more work they are putting into it the better it will be!

  6. Charles Vess says:

    There certainly have been a few delays on my art book haven’t they?

    I contacted my editor, Chris Warner when I noticed that Drawing Down the Moon was no longer listed on the Dark Horse website. He informed me that it was still on their schedule and that I would be seeing final proofs very soon. The last set looked beautiful indeed, but there were a few problems that we still needed to address.

    So, I’ll let you know when I see those final proofs, okay?. But please don’t expect the book to be released on the date that Amazon or some other website gives you.


  7. Andrea says:

    Charles, it was such a pleasure to meet you and Karen in Philadelphia last weekend! I bought a lovely dress to go with my snazzy new red cape so next year I can dress appropriately. Imagine a somewhat haute couture Little Red Riding Hood … with wings.

    Would you mind telling me again what Elizabeth Hand story inspired To the Water and the Wild? As you were telling me I thought surely I’d be able to remember but apparently I’d forgotten that I have a horrid memory.


  8. Charles Vess says:


    What a love ly time it was!!

    The Elizabeth Hand novel is ‘Mortal Love’. Brilliant, fever dream of a book.


  9. JFerguson says:

    Here’s an unrelated question to the current strand :) I’m wondering if you use any kind of masking in your work… frisket or anything like that. I usually tape my board with masking tape and use frisket, but I’m wondering if there’s a better solution.

    I’m also very glad to see that your book hasn’t been canceled but merely delayed. Can’t wait to see it.

    J. Ferguson

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