This weekend the sixth annual Rhythm & Roots Reunion music fest will be happening in my hometown of Bristol Va/Tn. Karen and I have always enjoyed attending this festival as the music is eclectic, stretching all the way from Old Time and Bluegrass on through Piedmont Blues up to contemporary singer/songwriters and New Grass. The difference this year is that I designed the poster image (which was also used on nifty ‘t’ shirt and a lovely mug) and here it is…


If you’re in the area come on down for a good musical weekend and I’ll be signing posters (and anything else you might bring by) all three days of the event:

Friday: 6.30 – 7.30 pm at the R&R Autograph Station.

Saturday: 11.30 am – 12.30 at Mtn. Empire Comics.

Sunday: 3.30 – 4.30 pm at Mountain Aire Music.

See you there!


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  1. Scott Conner says:

    I’d *like* to attend, but the Powers That Be changed my days off at work. Harrumph.

  2. isobel says:

    I want one of this in my wall!!!
    Soooo cool!

  3. Charles Vess says:

    After three days of music my wife and I were asking each other, “How could just sitting and listening to an endless stream of music leave you so exhausted?” It was an exhillerating experience none the less. Each festival brings with it a new musical favorite to add to the list and this year was no different. The ‘Carolina Chocolate Drops’ are now on my ‘must listen to any chance I get’ list of bands. The Drops has three members (two men and one woman) who have taken jug band, blues and minstral music, mixed in a good dose of self written tunes and songs and brought it all to glorious life for contemporary audiences. Pretty soon I’ll have a list of music links up on this board and they are sure to be at the top of that list! Other highlights included The Divine MAGgees, Luciar and The Redstick Ramblers. Wall to wall music in a variety of venues with excellent food vendors up and down State Street made for a perfectly lovely weekend. You should all come on down and give a listen next year.


  4. lucytoon says:

    oooohhhh boy!!!! what a great time!!!


  5. Scott Conner says:

    I still say reubens are nasty, and stick by it! ;-)

  6. doodledbooks says:

    Wow your work is absolutely stunning – I’m a massive fan of the author Susanna Clarke and I can’t wait for her new book to be released. Please could I send some books for you to sign and doodle on?

    Best Wishes


  7. Offourrocker says:

    This is a beautiful print… one of the best of the Rhythm and Roots Festival posters. My sister gave me one when I was down for a quick visit to Bristol in October. Charles, I certainly hope we see some of your regional work in an art book one day.

    On the Rhythm and Roots artwork, is there somewhere we can get the t-shirts and other merchandise? I was in downtown Bristol a couple of weeks ago… stopped at Fandango gifts and even Mountain Empire Comics (Robert was not in that day), and they had nothing festival related. The comics shop did have signed copies of the Stardust trade, but I had my hardcover signed at the San Diego con in ‘05.

    Hope everyone has a safe and happy Christmas holiday season!

    – Robbie Lewis, Canton OH

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