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Okay, the time has finally come to announce the book launch party for ‘Blueberry Girl’, the new picture book from HarperCollins written by Neil Gaiman and with illustrations by myself. It will be held at Books of Wonder in NYC on Saturday, March 7th, probably in the early afternoon but those details still have to be worked out. All of the original art will be on display and for sale, Neil will be there to read the text (and , one can only assume , other written delights) and I will be presenting a slide show discussing the visual evolution of his 18 line poem into a 32 page picture book.  A  percentage of sales from the actual book, my art and Neil’s ticketed reading will all go in support of the Tori Amos RAINN foundation. It was for the singer/songwriter’s then, as yet, unborn daughter that the lovely and evocative poem was originally written.   Keep checking the stores website for details:

I’m especially excited about this because long, long ago in my early years as an artist/illustrator (the late 1970’s) I wandered into a small bookstore in the west village of Manhattan and saw some  lovely art hanging on its walls. I struck up a conversation with its owner, Peter Glassman, who eventually offered to place some of my own work up on those same walls too. It wasn’t long though that he was offering me a bit of friendly advice: “Charles, what you really need to do is stop drawing comic books and concentrate on just illustration.” So, almost 30 years later that’s indeed what I’ve been doing…


And, of course, that store, Books of Wonder has grown into a major force in children’s literature, both as a retailer of new and antiquarian books as well as a publisher of fine editions of the classics in the field.

For those of you who can’t make the event, the book itself officially goes on sale March 10 and can be had at all fine bookstores anywhere  or ordered through

I really look forward to seeing everyone there and to having a bit of fun playing in my old stomping grounds.



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  1. Marc says:

    Great news Charles. I’m very excited about this book. I loved what I saw of it at Illuxcon. Will you have copies of it at Spoutwood this year, or should I buy it ahead of time? I’m hoping to give it to my wife for Mother’s Day. See you at Spoutwood (I hope -this year my wife and I will be King and Queen-I’ll put in a good word for you ;) )

  2. galdeens says:

    This is great news. My wife and I will have moved to the city by then, so you can be sure we’ll be there for the festivities! Congratulations on having an event at such a fantastic location.

  3. Charles Vess says:

    Marc, I certainly plan on being at Spoutwood this year as my experience there last year was so splendid.

    I’ll be with the Faerie Magazine folks and copies of Blueberry Girl will be for sale.


  4. Kristina says:

    I can’t wait!

  5. autumn dae says:

    I am so excited! I wish that I could be there, but I will be in India doing an internship for school. I wonder… will there be any way to buy a signed copy online? It would be a wonderful surprise to send to my daughter while I am away. Both Neil’s and your work is something that we are both passionate about. I would be nice to feel together in this new book… even so far away. Have an amazing time at the book party!

  6. Charles Vess says:

    Arrange this with Ramsey White at Zazzy’z Cafe & Bookseller. He is the proprietor at the local independent bookstore where I live. After the book is released I am scheduled to have a signing there on March 28. I assume he can arrange the ordering, autographing and shipping if you call him in advance.

  7. Charles Vess says:

    Opps! I forgot to add a link to the bookstore for the above comment:


  8. Charles,

    I live in New Jersey, and was completely planning on being at the signing, but as life works out, Lemony Snicket is at Carnegie Hall the SAME day and TIME as you and Neil are at Books of Wonder. This is especially horrible as I wanted to potentially buy one of your works of art. Here’s the deal: it’s my wife’s 40th birthday on March 10th, and she was in children’s book publishing for many years (and has a collection of children’s books that rival most libraries…). She worked for Macmillan, and then Houghton Mifflin and is now a grade school librarian. She has a big collection of signed stuff (much from authors she used to represent) and we have one piece of original art (from Lesley Tryon’s “Albert’s Alphabet”).

    Long story short (too late, I’m sure), I was wondering if there was any way I can see a list of what you’re selling at BoW before they go on sale, with prices, so that maybe I can go to the Lemony Snicket concert with my kids and still not miss out on getting her something from you for her birthday.

    please let me know–I’ll give you my email address if you ask (I don’t think you’d want me to post it here).



  9. Charles Vess says:


    Interesting problem to have…

    Just in cast you could manage to work it in there will be a private showing of my art with me there to answer any questions at BoW on that Saturday from 11am till noon. Its a ticketed event (to cut down on the crowds) maybe $10 to $25 per family and that money goes to the RAINN foundation as will 10% of all art sales.

    My original art prices spread from $1500 to $5000 (the cover art).

    If you’re still interested please leave me your e-mail address here (I’ll delete it as soon as possible) and I’ll get back to you with a complete for sale list.


  10. Charles,

    Thanks for the reply. It’s possible that I can make it, but unlikely. I am interested. Its a lot for me to spend, but it is her 40th birthday and if I’m every going to spring for something…

    I really appreciate it, and I love your work (I have a copy of your stardust, signed by you, here!)


  11. fattylumpkin says:

    I will be attending the IMC in Amherst this year and can’t wait to learn lots from all of you instructors. I have been trying to locate a copy of Drawing Down the Moon but have been unsuccessful. Has the printing been delayed? Would love to own one prior to June.
    I’m a huge fan of your work.

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