Blueberry Girl update

There are full details of all  the events surrounding the Blueberry Girl book launch party on Saturday March 7 on the Books of Wonder website:

I expect you can even order books through them and get Neil and I to sign them for you without ever having to stand in line, although I’ll miss seeing your cheery face then.  And a percentage of your order will go to the Tori Amos RAINN Foundation too, which makes it even better.



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  1. Starry says:

    Thank you for the fantastic experience and the cheery face, given and received as the best takeaway. (Aside from the books, that is.)

    Here’s a quick recap of the event from the spent-the-reading-&-Q&A-in-the-line-on-the-street point of view:

    I wish you much success with Blueberry Girl and other upcoming projects!

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