"Instructions" off!

Picture taken Monday, Aug. 31, at 5:30 pm.

“Instructions” d-o-n-e! See the FedEx label? 40 paintings in 2 months.  Home now…

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  1. thejeff says:

    Holy c**p. 40 paintings!!! And by the looks of them they are fantastic. Bravo!

  2. hollybird says:

    He shoots! He scores! (40!??)

  3. Scott Conner says:

    That’s a *lot* of work in a very short timespan. I feel like taking a vacation just thinking about it!

  4. melanie says:

    Hello Charles,
    I hope you read the replies here. I wanted to ask you a question or two regarding Stardust. Sorry if you get a lot of these… I have the paperback collection, and I really love the little creature drawn in a circle on the second page. It also appears in your website on the appearances page next to the home button. I was wondering a) is the creature a logo? and b) if not, would you give me permission to get a tattoo of it?
    Also, is there a story behind it?
    I’ve been searching for something like this for a while :-)
    I would really appreciate if you could e-mail me at: melanie.koehler[at]gmail.com

  5. Charles Vess says:


    Yes, of course, you can use my image as a personalized tattoo. I never mind seeing them on people. Just so long as the image isn’t used for a commercial purpose, okay?

    The wee creature was originally drawn for a set of Stardust fridge magnets. There were two such sets, with 3 major characters and an extra beastie or fairy in each. He was included in Set #1 and was colored a wine red for that occassion.


  6. Malvin says:

    Hello Charles,

    I recently acquired pencilled original and yours and I’m not sure what it is, would you by chance know? Here is a scan:


    or http://cafurl.com?i=13388

    It might have been from a convention in the UK in 1986.

    Thanks in advance if you can offer any hints!



  7. Matt Dauer says:

    this book looks to be better than blueberry girl!

    and i’m so glad drawing down the moon is on the horizon for real now!

    vess tattoos are the best! i’ve got plenty of them and i think i might even have that little guy inked in some where, too…

    the pic malvin posted is of a sketch from the raven banner.

    hopefully looking to make it out to abingdon next fall and see the fountain, the pics of it on here are amazing!

  8. Charles Vess says:

    Malvin, That is indeed the main character from my first Graphic Novel, The Raven Banner published by Marvel in 1985. I believe I was at a convention in Birminghan UK around then and most probably drew it then.


  9. Shane Odom says:

    Whooo Hooo! Coming in a little late to congratulate you, but all the same. That is an awesome accomplishment. You must have painted like a storm! Any giant acorns in those painting? ;-)

    I have been meaning to blog about Instructions myself. I plan on doing a dramatic reading of it in front of my booth at MD RennFest. Which I hope you two come visit some day, I think you will be surprised.

    Looking forward to seeing you at FaerieCon. Give our best to Karen.

    Congrats again,

  10. Charles Vess says:


    I’m sad to say that there are no acorns in my Instructions illustration, but just yesterday I was walking to my studio away from my usual studio and picked up a nice little acorn, slipped it into my pocket and then promptly forgot about it. Today I was reaching for some change and there it was. Now the Faerie King has an bracelet made of small acorns around his wrist.

    The ‘other’ studio is a space dedicated to producing a new piece of art all for myself. The piece in question is a scene set amongst standing stones, lite by a crescent moon with the King and Queen surrounded by a horde of cavorting fairy folk all on a sheet of 4 x 8ft watercolor paper!

    Hope to have it ready for display come FaerieCon time.


  11. Hi Charles,

    Congratulations on making it through the painting marathon.

    I thought I’d point you to a deconstruction of a Starstruck page that I just posted, assuming you have the time and inclination to read such things:


    Must have been a fun project to ink – I wasn’t familiar with it in its earlier versions, but I’m enjoying this round so far.

    Take care,

    Scott McD.

  12. Elaine Lee just pointed out to me that Michael did the inks on the main stories while you’ve done the Galactic Girl Guide stories. I’ve fixed the analysis to reflect that. :)


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