Okay, here is the finished painting for the new Stardust hardcover. I posted the preliminary pencils last week if you want to compare them. I really wanted a more 19th century poster effect for the piece than strict naturalism, hence the more densely outlined contours of Star and her hair. There were really only minor surprises waiting for me in the translation from pencil to paint. The biggest of which was a large slippage of the dark blue background sky color over the top of Evaine’s hair due to my slopping the paint around much too casually. I thought that a bit of opaque hair color would quickly fix that right up. two or three hours later major portions of her hair had been repainted. This type of thing can be maddening when on a tight deadline but here I like the effect gained.




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  1. erica says:

    Oh dainty Charlie, I’m sure you never do anything so uncouth as ’slop.’ :)

    Any news about the san diego con booth?

    –Queen of Slopping

  2. stardustgirl says:

    **steps warily through puddles left by slopping Vesses**

    That sounds an awful lot like one of my experiences with real-life hair and involving Manic Panic.

    Hmm…. color is lovely… should I use this for the icon next to the listing for the upcoming hardcover on the Stardust Books page? I’ve got the pencil one up right now since that was on the publisher’s page… let me know if I can snag this to use.


  3. Scott Conner says:

    Very nice. The hair has a touch of Alpohnse Mucha to it.

    BTW, it looks like I might be getting down to Bristol on Saturday after all. Long story.

  4. isobel says:

    This is gorgeous.
    I like the ending curly hair… ^.^

  5. Quixotic says:

    Absolutely gorgeous. I love it – especially the hair. Thanks for sharing this – really interesting to compare with the pencil you posted earlier.

  6. Carl V. says:

    Wonderful! I ordered this from my local comic shop in this months Previews and cannot wait for it to arrive. Of course now I’m going to have to track both you and Neil Gaiman down again. You signed and drew a little picture in my oversized trade paperback copy at the World Fantasy Convention in Seattle (a friend took it for me) and I had Neil sign it in Chicago last year.

  7. Malcolm says:

    Stunning cover!! Can’t wait for the new book and the new paintings!! And Storm of Swords is two books now??? The bookshelves are already creaking…..great to see you in SD anyway even if i got quite a shock running into you at that art booth……

  8. Beautiful work you always do!
    A big hello and a big hug.


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