Over the weekend I celebrated the release of “Instructions” at the May Day Faerie Festival at Spoutwood by selling every one of the copies I toted up there. People really embraced the book as they came back to buy multiple copies for friends and family. Then I learned this evening that “Instructions” will debut at #4 on the NY Times Bestseller List (for Children’s Books) this weekend which thrills me to no end. This weekend I will be at TCAF in Toronto to celebrate even further – so do come by if you’re around!


  1. DragonAscending says:

    Hi Charles, I’ve been searching with no luck to replace a print I purchased of yours many years ago. I was hoping to find it again after it was lost in a move. The piece was titled Into The Green and is one of my favorites. I’m sorry if this is not the area to post t his but I can’t find anywhere else to ask. Is there somewhere I can get this print still? I’ve already done an exhaustive search of the web with no luck at all. Thanks, DragonAscending

  2. solveige says:

    Charles, My husband, Zig, bought me ‘Instructions’ the weekend it appeared. As usual, I loved the work – I enjoy all your collaborations with neil. But I thought I’d note that the second thing I did was read it to my 2.5 yr old. Now she does not understand all the words – their references or intent. But she has asked for the book several times since then, and asks all sorts of questions about the pictures. Your pictures – which captured her attentioni in Blueberry girl a year ago, are fascinating to her now as she begins to create her own imaginary worlds and populate them with dragons, princesses, and monsters. last night she stopped me once we were done to look at the cover. “A giant,” she said, and “there’s a dragon under him…” Thank you for enriching my child’s dreams and imagination – as well as mine.

  3. Charles Vess says:

    Well I think that those prints used to be sold through Duirwaigh Gallery who no longer does. I’m sorry but I don’t have any copies on hand.

    Best of luck,

  4. Charles Vess says:

    I’m glad both you and your husband enjoyed the book but even more importantly I hope that my pictures excite your son’s imagination and that he will one day draw fantastic worlds that we all want to dissapear into.


  5. Paul Chadwick says:

    I paged through it yesterday at my local bookstore here on the island. Another beautiful entry in your oeuvre, Charles.

  6. Hi Charles. I’m not sure where else to put this, but I just did an analysis of your versions The White Queen from Drawing Down the Moon. It’s here:

    It was a fun way to make myself pay a little more attention to what was going on in one of your pictures. (I did an earlier one of Mike Kaluta and Lee Moyer’s Stardust). I’d be interested to hear any thoughts you have on it. Also, let me know if you’d rather not have it up there and I’ll remove it. Thanks!

    Scott McDaniel (not the comic artist – a different one :)

  7. adeangelis says:

    I met you at your Barnes and Noble book signing in JC, and I talked with you about my Jack Tales project. I’m about to apply for the NEA grant, and I would like to speak with you. Please e-mail or call.
    I was just showing my staff your book–everyone is raving about it! We really want to bring you to ETSU.

    Anita, ETSU

  8. tbogue says:

    Hi Charles. My wife and I very much enjoyed this book. We’d like a signed copy of this book, but were in CT which is a very long drive. Would you be willing to sign our book if we mailed it to you (return postage included, of course)?

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