Coyote Road

One project that has been simmering on the back burner for awhile now is a new YA anthology edited by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling, ‘Coyote Road, Trickster Tales’ (Viking) for which I’ll be painting the cover and drawing a little over 20 smallish b/w pieces. The book, a follow up to the earlier collections, ‘The Green Man’ and ‘The Faery Reel’ has a brilliant list of contributors, such as: Carolyn Dunn, Chris Barzak, Nina Hoffman, Delia Sherman, Ellen Klages (go Ellen!), Dora Goss, Charles de Lint, Holly Black and Jeffrey Ford among others. I’m very excited about finally jumping in and working on this one. Here are my sketches and the finished cover art for the book.



I really enjoyed the first sketch but the powers that be at Viking ruled in favor of the second image. And truth to tell, after I’d finished painting it, I agreed with them. Perhaps I’ll use the first piece as a title page drawing?


Anway both images show the creation of the world with a host of trickster archetypes reading to jump in and start the wheel of life rolling on along. Later, as I finish up some of the black and white story illustrations I’ll try to post a few.


5 Responses to “Coyote Road”

  1. Scott Conner says:

    Nice! :)

  2. erica says:

    I really dig it when you get kind of stylized (especially that tree).

  3. Chris Barzak says:

    That cover is amazing. And I just wanted to say that I’m really honored and excited that there will be a drawing for one of my stories done by you.

  4. isobel says:

    Yeah, I prefer the second too.

  5. Mack says:

    Beautiful Work!!! I have one request, is it possible to have a link to bigger images? I want to soak in all the details!

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