Its all out there right now…

I just thought that I’d give all of you a heads up to several books that are now available in bookstores everywhere that feature my art. First up is the Fables original graphic novel, ‘1001 Nights of Snowfall’. This is a full color, hardcover collection of graphic narrative tales written by series creator, Bill Willingham. Snow White, as ambasador from the Land of Fable, spins exotic tales from her past each night in an effort to ellude the Sultan of the Arabian Nights deadly decree. Each tale is drawn/painted by a different artist, a veritable whos who of comic art; John Bolton, Jill Thompson, Brian Bolland, James Jean and others. My particular friend and artist extraordinaire Michael Kaluta and I collaborated on some 20 pages that bookend the various tales.


Here is a link to an essay with me explaining this collaborative process, step by step (you’ll have to scroll down the column about half way).


The gorgeous, oversized, first volume of the Absolute Sandman collection is a stunning production on all counts. A lot of attention was lavished on this volume in an effort to correct the myriad art and text mistakes that had crept into previous volumes. AND the first 18 issues of Neil Gaiman’s seminal series has been completely recolored to spectacular results. Not only is the award winning issue, ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ (which I did the art for) included but the complete script and my preliminary pencils are also there, side by side.


And of course the collected short stories of Susanna Clarke , ‘The Ladies of Grace Adieu’ has finally made it to the bookstores.

Here’s one of the almost 20 interior illustrations.


I’ve posted many other illustrations from this beautifully written book right here on this blog, so just scroll on down to take a look.


And finally The Autumn issue of Faerie Magazine has a 7 page feature on myself with loads of full color art as well as another two pages on my collaborations with Neil Gaiman and Charles de Lint.


The issue is particulary solid this time around, as there are also articles by Ari Berk and Carolyn Dunn and an informative news piece on this past summer’s Mythic Journeys conference. The magazine can be found at Barnes & Nobles bookstores nationwide or ordered from this website:

And that’s all for now folks.



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  1. stardustgirl says:

    Thou art wicked to make me abuse my Mastercard so badly! ;-) 2 things are here already and the other two are on the way. I think I may have to build more bookspace now as well.

    Good job on all the lovely new stuff.


  2. Scott Conner says:

    I got my copy of the Absolute Sandman and couldn’t be happier with it. Nice black leather, silver accents, oversized….this the way a book SHOULD be! :)

    I’m feeling too lazy to drive to Roanoke today, so my copy of Snowfall should be waiting for me next week. I’ll definitely look for the new Clarke book and a copy of Fairy magazine. The last time I looked, the B&N in Christiansburg didn’t have any copies.

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