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Stardust Rising Exhibition

Sunday, February 25th, 2007

From June until September of this year I’ll be mounting an exhibition
of my Stardust art at the the William King Regional Art Museum in their
premium exhibition space.

A LOT of people will be seeing the exhibition and I want to put my best
‘face’ forward. So I’m looking for various pieces of Stardust original
art that I’ve sold over the years and would like to borrow that art back
for this show. The names of the donors will be included in various
publications concerning the exhibit as well as being on the identifying
labels themselves.

In particular I’m looking for these full page illustrations:

(All page numbers refer to the trade paperback edition)

1. (page 46) The couple on the hill (with the Village of Wall in the background)
beside a tree looking up at the falling star.

*Found* Thank you Daniel Lang!

2. (page 52) Tristran in his bowler hat entering the deep woods surrounded by
various fairy types.


3.Cover art to mini #2 with all of the Lords of Stormhold floating in
the air around the dark rocks of Stormhold. 

*Found* Thank you Scott Schaffer .

4.(Pg #96 -97) The two pages of multiple panels with Tristran’s first candle walk
between worlds (Here is pg. #1). These two pages were donated to a CBDLF auction long ago…


5.(Pg #104)Tristran and Yvaine walking in the wood. She has a crutch.


6.Tris and Yvaine riding the unicorn through woods with gnarly
creatures in the fore ground.

*Found* Jim V, thanks a lot.

7.(Pg #161) Small figures of Tris and Yvaine looking up as galleon passes
through golden clouds above them.


8. ( Pg #188)Tris passed out on ground w/ Yvaine sitting beside him. A dark
haired woman (his mother) stands above him. Red goblin creatures frolic
in the fore ground tree limbs. (Original buyer, Larry Perez where are you?)


9.( Pg #193)Tris in a sitting room w/ Victoria Foster surrounded by nick nacks
and green men. A cat sits on the rug beside him.

*Found* Thank you Jean-Olivier.

10.( Pg #205) Yvaine gives Tris the medallion. Dark haired Mom looks on. The air
around them is filled with all manner of people and beasties.

*Found* Thank you Michael Lovitz.

11. ( Pg #209) Looking down at the fair w/ the Village of Wall off to the left.
Very small figures of Tris and Yvaine walk off thru the field. In the
far distance the mountains of Stromhold rise w/ Flying Galleon beside them.

*Found* Forgetfull, lunkheaded Uncle forgot that he gave this to his brilliant niece.

12. (Pg #213) Last piece in the book. Colored pencil on black paper. Yvaine
stands amidst dark stones and raises her arms towards her ’sisters’ that
dance through the night time sky above her.

*Found* Thank you Nicolas Waldmann.

Here’s my e-mail if you have any information on the location of these



Modern Masters Vol. #11

Friday, February 16th, 2007

I just got word from the fine folks at Two Morrows publications that their Modern Masters, Vol. #11 which features an extensive interview covering my entire career (at least so far) and packed to the ceiling with art (including a color gallery section) will be available at fine comic shops everywhere by the end of this month.

Here’s the cover:

The 120 page trade paperback concentrates on my work in the comics field. My work for Heavy Metal, Epic Illustrated, The Warriors Three, Spider-man, Sandman, Swamp Thing and The Books of Magic are all featured as well as a bit on both the book and the movie versions of Stardust.

And here’s a link to an excerpt from that interview and a few images (as well as some viewers comments) on the Newsarama web magazine:

My other big news is that later this year (August), Dark Horse Books will be publishing, ‘Drawing Down the Moon, The Art of Charles Vess’ a 200 page, harcover book focusing on my careeer in illustration. For the past month I’ve been busy assembling over 200 images that run the gamut from work done in High School up until last week. Lots and lots of paintings and pen and ink illustrations, all pulled from the many and disperse publications that I’ve worked for over years, so there’s sure to be more than several images that you’ve never seen before.

A drawing from 1974:

From 1988, an illustration from the edition of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ that I illustrated for the Donning Company. This book is what Neil saw and was inspired by to write issue #19 of The Sandman:


And lastly, the cover art done just a couple of years ago for a local art’s organization’s magazine:

Between these two books my 30 year career as a freelance illustrator will, I think, be pretty well covered.

I hope that you’ll enjoy both of them!