September 15, 2010

Karen and I are off and away to Paris this afternoon. I’ll be a guest at the ParisManga Convention over the weekend. Then we’ll head to Brittany to explore a landscape that I’ve been waiting over 25 years to see. Especially the rows of thousands of standing stones that lead to the sea around Carnac and the tidal island of Mont St. Michele. On October 1st I’ll be at the opening reception of my art exhibition at the Daniel Maghen Gallery back in Paris. Almost 100 pieces of my art will grace the walls of Daniel’s fine art space. Then its onto to a visit with numerous friends inEngland before attending the BICS convention in Birmingham in the middle of October. All in all we’ll be gone a little over a month.

There are links to the various venues over on my appearances page.

And here:

I’ll be posting most every day of the trip (along with photos) so that you can tour right along with me and perhaps drink a virtual glass of wine with Karen and I as we toast our grand adventure.



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May 5, 2010

Over the weekend I celebrated the release of “Instructions” at the May Day Faerie Festival at Spoutwood by selling every one of the copies I toted up there. People really embraced the book as they came back to buy multiple copies for friends and family. Then I learned this evening that “Instructions” will debut at #4 on the NY Times Bestseller List (for Children’s Books) this weekend which thrills me to no end. This weekend I will be at TCAF in Toronto to celebrate even further – so do come by if you’re around!

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