September 11, 2006

This weekend the sixth annual Rhythm & Roots Reunion music fest will be happening in my hometown of Bristol Va/Tn. Karen and I have always enjoyed attending this festival as the music is eclectic, stretching all the way from Old Time and Bluegrass on through Piedmont Blues up to contemporary singer/songwriters and New Grass. The difference this year is that I designed the poster image (which was also used on nifty ‘t’ shirt and a lovely mug) and here it is…


If you’re in the area come on down for a good musical weekend and I’ll be signing posters (and anything else you might bring by) all three days of the event:

Friday: 6.30 – 7.30 pm at the R&R Autograph Station.

Saturday: 11.30 am – 12.30 at Mtn. Empire Comics.

Sunday: 3.30 – 4.30 pm at Mountain Aire Music.

See you there!


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September 7, 2006

Okay, here is my re-creation of the drawing that I gave to Clare Danes. This drawing is much smaller and bit more refined as I knew it was going to be used as the cover to the new hardcover edition of Stardust that DC/Vertigo will be publishing next March. In a few weeks, a little closer to the actual deadline, I’ll lightly outline these pencils in ink and then build up the image into a full color painting with multiple washes of transparent FW inks.


This edition will have, along with all of the contents of the original book, end paper designs that feature a new version of the Fairy Market as well as a 16 page section of bonus material which will include five newly drawn images that I was unable to include in the previous edition due to text and deadline constraints. A sixth image from a possible prequel that is on a far-in-the-future horizon for Neil and myself will also be included. Whether these six images will make it into finished paintings in time for their inclusion is dependent on my many and varied deadlines. They will, however be available next summer as the last plates in the deluxe portfolio of Stardust prints that I’ve been producing for a number of years.

Here’s that new Fairy Market image. As soon as I figure out how to click and enlarge I will do so. But for now here it is in minature.

(Now also in the larger version – click on the image to open the “Fairy Market”. Click on your “back” button to return here, as there’s no other way out of the Fairy Market!
webmistress jill)



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