September 29, 2009

In the previous post I was replying to friend and fellow BoG brother, Shane Odom, “I’m sad to say that there are no acorns in my ‘Instructions’ illustrations.” But just yesterday I was walking to my ‘other’ studio and picked up a nice little acorn, slipped it into my pocket and then, promptly forgot about it. Today I was reaching for some change and there it was, then inspiration hit!

3 Acorn-bracelet-blog
This ‘other’ studio is a space dedicated to producing a new piece of art, made possible by a promise that I made when I  finished ‘Instructions’ on schedule. I gave myself the time to work on anything that I wanted. And THAT ANYTHING, happened to be a scene that I’d had in mind since the Spring, set amongst standing stones, lit by a crescent moon with the King and Queen of Faerie surrounded by a horde of cavorting fairy folk all of which is now being drawn and then painted onto a sheet of 4 x 8ft watercolor paper!


As you can see at the top of this post, the King  now wears a bracelet made of small acorns wound about his wrist. and he and his Queen are surrounded by a circle dance of their many and varied subjects.

2 King-&-Queen-mid-cls-up-blo

You’ll have to forgive the odd quality of these scans as this temporary studio doesn’t have much in the way of proper lighting.

4 Fairy-Harper-blog

5 Fairies-on-leaves

6 Owl-rider-&-fairy-horde-blo

7 Fairy-w-bucket-of-stars-blo

8 Fairy-Child-on-faun-w_-hord

9 Fairy-Horde-rht-side-blog

And yes, I couldn’t help myself, I placed a Totoro figure amidst the swooping figures.

10 Full-Drawing-finished-blog

This is the blurriest of the lot, but it does give you the scope of the piece. I just started applying color this week and continue to have a ball working on this.

I hope to have it ready for display come FaerieCon time. Wish me luck!!



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September 2, 2009

"Instructions" off!

Picture taken Monday, Aug. 31, at 5:30 pm.

“Instructions” d-o-n-e! See the FedEx label? 40 paintings in 2 months.  Home now…

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