August 3, 2009

Hello all.

Well, it’s taken a bit over 2 years from completing my initial layouts but my art book, Drawing Down the Moon, the Art of Charles Vess will finally see print this December from Dark Horse Books. The splendid introduction is by one of my favorite writers, Susanna Clarke (Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell) and then there’s plenty of commentary throughout the book on specific art pieces by myself.

1 DDMoonfor-blog

It’s a big, fat 200 page hardcover retrospective of (mostly) my illustration work, all the way from high school…

2 Ronghast-the-Wizard-for-blo

into my early years in NYC…

3 Weird-of-the-Dragon-Lord-fo

then working for Marvel Comics…

4 spidey-for-blog

followed by a long association with DC Comics…

5 SwpThing#135-for-blo

then with writer Neil Gaiman, first on Sandman, then many other projects.

6 Sandman75-for-blog

Our collaboration on the book Stardust led to many other illustrated book projects such as A Circle of Cats with Charles de Lint:

7 CatsEndPprs-for-blog

Then there’s all the side projects that may of you would never have a chance to see except in a book like this.

One of many posters designed for local (to me) events…

8 R&RR-poster-for-blog

And I even managed to slip in a few just completed projects like, Blueberry Girl and after three years of heavy work the completion of a 15 x 16 ft. bronze fountain, Midsummer Play.

9 Titania-mid-clsup-for-blog

10 Seated-Fairy-w_-water--for-

I’ve also include a comprehensive description and step by step visual of my painting process.

So there’s lots to enjoy.

If you want to purchase the book through you local comic book shop the solicitation for it is in the current Diamond Previews (August Issue) on page #36 (Item Code: Aug09 0029). The hefty book has a hefty price too at $39.95 but 200 pages covers a LOT of art. These orders in particular mean a LOT and will sometimes determine whether a book is actually published or not.

If there is no comic shop near by, then I hope that you will all use your local independent bookstore. Failing that there’s always or B& who both are currently saying the book isn’t available but I’ve got a set of final proofs for the entire book in hand so I know its real. You CAN sign up for a e-mail announcement from them. That link is:

Order it today!


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July 17, 2009

Next week I’m off to the San Diego Comic-Con. I’ll be attending this year as a guest so I wont have a booth but you can find me at any one of these events:

CHARLES VESS,  Comic-con Schedule  (as of 07/16/09)
Wednesday (Preview Night), 6-7 pm
Promotional signing w/ special art postcard for upcoming 200-page retrospective book Drawing Down the Moon at Dark Horse.
Booth #2615

Thursday, noon-2 pm
CBLDF Master Sessions: Charles Vess (Stardust) and Jill Thompson (Scary Godmother) The CBLDF Master Sessions are one to two hour art demonstrations, presented in front of a live-audience. Each artist works on an Elmo projector, displaying his or her technique to the audience, while participating in a moderated Q&A. Award winning artists Vess and Thompson are successful standouts in the independent comics scene.
Room 30CDE

Thursday, 4:30-5:30 pm
Imagination in Illustration: a Brief History of Fantastic Art.
Catch Charles Vess’ intriguing visual presentation on the history of Fantastic Art, (1850-present day).  Features his favorite English fairy tale artists, American pulp masters and visionary painters, many not found in textbooks.  Prepare to be swept away. Short Q&A.
Room 4

Friday, 10-11 am
Spotlight on Charles Vess (Stardust)
Charles will present Part Seen: Part Imagined, a visual presentation spanning his 35 year career as a freelance artist in the comics and book publishing industry. Covers work ranging from National Lampoon Magazine, Spider-man and Sandman comics, Peter Pan stage sets, illustrated books with Charles de Lint and George R.R. Martin, Stardust the movie and Neil Gaiman, up to his latest project – a 16’ Midsummer bronze sculpture fountain. Short Q&A.
Room 10

Saturday, 1:30-2:30 pm
The One-Panel Panel – A single image can hold an entire world in miniature. Charles Vess (Stardust), Hope Larson (Chiggers), Larry Marder (Beanworld) and Mike Allred (Madman) will each show and discuss one particularly meaningful panel from their own comics–how it came together, and where it led them as illustrators. Moderated by Douglas Wolk (Reading Comics).
Room 4

Sunday, 11-11:15 am
Video filming: How To…series with Charles Vess (Stardust)
One-on-one with Clydene Nee, broadcast for SDCC and YouTube. Award winning artist Charles Vess gives his “how to” from the perspective of a creator who uses his imagination to grace the publishing industry with his fine imagery.
Room 18
Come on by and say hello,


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