Notes from the Studio

Day: December 1, 2019

The Queen of Summer’s Twilight, Chapters Forty-One, Forty-Two and the Epilog.

© Charles Vess 2019     Chapter Forty-One       Janet screamed over the pounding of the hooves, “All of you here are on a fool’s errand this night.”        Only the slight flicker of hands on reigns and the turning of Her steed made the mortal girl aware that The Queen had heard her. Then once, twice, three times the mounted Host of Fairy circled moonwise round the hill before coming to an abrupt halt. And there they stood in furious and malevolent silence, rank upon rank, thousands deep, their banners still snapping softly in the breeze.       In the heather at Janet’s feet, on either side of her captive, the silver foxes sat and waited and watched with great curiosity. Then crouching low, their delicate snouts close to Thomas’ ears, they began to whisper such stories to him as eased the anger in his heart.        Above them all, thick, racing clouds, broke apart to reveal the full moon and a sky full of swiftly tilting stars.        Her eyes locked with Janet’s, The Queen stilled the great steed that She sat astride and finally spoke, “Mortal, what you and these others do here this night angers me. You trespass on My kingdom without My leave

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