Notes from the Studio

Day: December 15, 2019

The Queen of Summer’s Twilight, Introduction, Prologue and Chapters One, Two and Three.

© Charles Vess 2019 Well, I guess now no one can ever accuse me of being safe and staying in my zone. After years and years of pushing and pulling at the words and characters, I’ve finally decided to self-publish my first novel, “The Queen of Summer’s Twilight”. Why self-publish you ask? Well I do have an agent but she as well as my previous agent have read the book and suggested that my writing voice is too old fashioned to sell in the contemporary marketplace. And too, I was told that given the current backlash against writers that aren’t speaking from an authentic cultural orientation that I would be attacked for using a protagonist that is a half Scotts, half Jamaican and a young woman at that. But damned if I’m only going to write about 68-year-old white males. Where’s the fun in that? So, I could either let my story languish unread or suit up and go tilt at thatself-publishing windmill again.   Consequently, I’ve asked my good friend Liz Phillips (teacher, fellow writer and maker of delicious mouth-watering scones) to do a very necessary final round of editing to rid the manuscript of my persistently passive voice.

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