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Felix Lorioux

Felix Lorioux is a French artist that worked, as far as I can tell in the teens. 20s and the 30s of the last century. Throughout the 1930s he was chosen by Disney to draw their licensed characters in France. I’d like to see how he handled the Mouse or Donald.

I believe that these are done in watercolor.

I have to say that I am transfixed by this image in particular.

Now how could I resist showing a walking tree?

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2 thoughts on “Felix Lorioux”

  1. If one would take the time to read “Empty Mansions”,they would discover that Huguette Clark,daughter of W.C. Clark,a little known copper baron,had supported Felix,along with other French Illustrators,until their death! This woman was the most kind and generous person an artist could possibly wish for!


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