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Hermann Vogel

I discovered Vogel’s work about 10 years ago. And after I purchased his 1890 illustrated edition of Grimm’s fairy tales with approx. 300 illustrations I was blown away.

I believe I found the first of these 4 volumes of drawing on line. Each large
sized book has 100 pages of wildly detailed scenes featuring dozens and dozens
of characters both human and animal.

Look closely as there are a LOT of little stories tucked away in various corners.

Here is snow white with various beasties keeping her company…

Hansel and Gretel at the witch’s gingerbread cottage.

A small b/w vignette.

I’ve no idea of what this was for but those 4 volumes are absolutely full of this type of images.

Must be winter time…

I love his animals, especially bunnies and foxes so much!

And another b/w vignette.

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